LEOPOLDO GOUT is an artist, writer, and filmmaker who works across mediums to articulate the ephemeral. In his work, the abstract and figurative clash with moments of chaos, memory, and humanity. Born in Mexico City, Gout grew up in a home often filled with poets, musicians, scientists, and more. Their stories and ideas sparked a fire in Leopoldo, who quickly joined the world of artists and philosophers. Gout now draws on both memory and folklore to create a layered physical process of intimate rituals. This informs his visual practice, a combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, soundscapes, performance, and more. All his projects, including myriad films and novels, influence each other in dynamic ways. Leopoldo's perspective is a confluence of the modern and ancient, a scrambling of identity and logic that is born in the margins but speaks to the a wide audience. Gout exists in the hazy borders between states of being, personal identities, and cultural norms. Leopoldo studied in London at Central Saint Martins School of Art through a full scholarship by the Mexican Center for the Arts and the British Council. He also won the Erasmus scholarship despite not being officially European.

At school, he began to approach his work as a kaleidoscope of references that inhabit and obscure semiotic constructs. “I want to emulate and echo that fleeting moment when you wake up from an intense vivid dream,” Gout says. “But immediately those images and senses start to dissipate. I believe my work lives in that space.” What may at first appear random is in reality a carefully crafted, wholly unique perspective on what it means to be conscious. Gout has shown work in galleries and museums across the world such as The West Collection of Pennsylvania, The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City, Galeria Museo of Bogota, Colombia, The Dikeou Collection, The Pritzker Collection, Tricia Collins Contemporary Art, Sandra Gering, Jack Tilton, PS1, and many others. Gout has also written and produced films, documentaries, and television shows for over a decade (Molly’s Game directed by Aaron Sorkin, Days of Grace directed by Everardo Gout). Gout’s documentary film CARLOS debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and will be theatrically distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. Gout wrote and produced The Chosen One with his brother Everardo, a television show that debuted on Netflix in 2023 on the top 10 list of over 60 countries.. Leopoldo Gout is also an accomplished novelist. His book Piñata with Nightfire (McMillan) won Top 10 Horror Novels of 2023. His series Genius: The Game won several awards including The Mathical Award. The CONACULTA grant for artists and various other recognitions in film, documentaries and art. Leopoldo is in the process of transforming his illustrated novel Monarca (Harper One) into an experiential adventure.